Perez: “Future is out of my hands”

After a tremendous second place finish last time out in Turkey, Perez admitted: “I’m just waiting on the decision, what [Red Bull] are going to do is out of my hands.” As rumours continue as to where Perez will end up next season, in the pre-race press conference, Perez confirmed that there is only one team he is considering for next year, saying “if it’s not motivating, I won’t take it.”

He is currently fighting for fourth in the championship, having outscored everyone in the last seven races, barring the Mercedes. Perez is keen to “finish on a high,” and “deliver in the final three races.” In a tough race a fortnight ago, Perez said: “Not making any mistakes was key to the race.”

Fortunes were different to his teammate, Lance Stroll, who was disappointed in his weekend after damage caused heavy tyre wear to his car and dropping from the lead to finish in ninth. Having achieved his maiden pole position, Stroll said: “It was the highlight of my career.” Stroll has now led the most laps of the season outside of the Mercedes team, having looked comfortable in the lead for the first half of the race.

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