Alex Albon: “Three races to show what I got”

Alex Albon believes that he has “three races to show what [he’s] got,” amidst rumours stemming from Red Bull not confirming who will partner Max Verstappen next season.

Albon said: “it was a good weekend on my side,” having shown good pace throughout the weekend. Yet, both Albon and Verstappen were negative about the weekend. Verstappen said: “Everything seemed to go wrong.” Whilst Albon described it as “The most frustrating weekend, it fell apart a bit.” The Red Bull was arguably the fastest car around the Istanbul Park Circuit, but mistakes from both drivers cost them severely.

Both drivers go into the weekend eager to score points. Max is close in his battle with Valtteri Bottas for second place. “The focus is these three races,” said Albon, who is amongst the gaggle of drivers looking to finish in seventh. Albon was asked about whether there was a plan B if he was to lose his seat at Red Bull. He affirmed that he only had one plan and that was plan A, with Red Bull.   

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