2020 team liveries

Some people might not care about new liveries, some people might really care about liveries. I am at a level where I know what I want to see with each team and have some clear favourites. Here are my rankings of the ten teams, what I like, dislike and things that can be improved on.

Firstly, something I love. Each car this year will be carrying the rainbow showcasing F1’s #WeRaceAsOne initiative. A £1billion task force aimed at promoting opportunities for underrepresented diversities and backgrounds. Eliminating driver boundaries from karting all the way to F1, and promoting internships and opportunities behind the scenes.

10. Red Bull

Red Bull launch RB16: Verstappen and Albon's 2020 F1 car revealed ...

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the livery. The Red Bull livery has just been the same for too many years. As well as being a racing team, it is marketing for the energy drink, hence the same year in, year out. I tried looking for a difference from last year, and I couldn’t, so for the basis of changing nothing, they can be last for once.

9. Haas

Haas first to reveal 2020 F1 car with return to traditional livery ...

Last years livery was my favourite. The black and gold was an iconic look, partly due to the infamous sponsorship deal with Rich Energy shudders. Of course, it wasn’t going to stay. However, I think this years livery is a major step back. They’ve resorted back to their classic black, white and red scheme. The scheme this year is dull, the red covering both the white and black doesn’t look right. I think they should eliminate the white. By having it all black, it would make the Haas logo pop out like it looks like it wants to.

8. Ferrari

Please Ferrari, give us back a red halo. I really like the matte red with the black trim, but I wish they went a bit madder with the black on the wings. But the ultimate reason for it being this low down in the messy sponsorship’s on the sidepods. It is imperative for sponsorship’s to be integrated into the liveries, and not look like they’ve just been slapped on, which unfortunately this look like they have done.

7. Racing Point  

Racing Point reveal 2020 F1 livery and title sponsor change ...

I’m a fan of crazy colours being used on liveries. Growing up, my favourites were the yellow of the Jordan and the orange of the Arrows. When the Racing Point signed with BWT in 2017, and the car became pink, I got nostalgia for the old and different liveries. Over the years, the BWT logo has grown and this year is no different. The 2020 Racing Point has minimised the amount of blue from previous years, and they have cut down the number of colours on the car making it look less messy compared to last year. Big improvement.

6. Renault

Renault last team to launch livery ahead of Australian Grand Prix ...

If Renault had stayed with their all black testing livery they would have easily been at the top of the list, and what an honour that would’ve been. From the side, I love this car. The sidepods and engine cover in black with the yellow trim looks perfect. The sponsorships are integrated very well. The reason for it being in sixth is because I then saw the front view. Slapping yellow on the nose cone looks out of place when the base colour is black. It is too much of a trim colour in one block, it needs to be integrated better. Take the testing livery, make everything that was white, yellow, and it would rise far up the list.

5. McLaren


Unfortunately, I’m a bit disappointed by this year’s McLaren. I’m still a big fan of the papaya and blue, but going with a matte papaya this year is a backwards step in my opinion. I loved last year how the orange and blue would pop out. I don’t hate this years design, I’m just more of a fan of last years. The stripes make the sponsorship’s stand out, which is great for them, but I’m going to long to see the triangle design back from last year.

4. Alfa Romeo

Raikkonen and Giovinazzi unveil 2020 Alfa Romeo F1 car at testing ...

This is one of the more basic designs this year, and is pretty similar to last years design. The Alfa is sporting more red down the nose cone this year, and I think it’s an improvement from last years design.

3. Williams


The pre-existing Colgate Williams was alright, Rokit leaving Williams for Mercedes has meant that the red has been eliminated in their new updated livery, and what a livery it is. I really like the simplicity of the design, it looks formal in a strange way. The design makes it look like the car is going to be fast, hopefully it does, and hopefully they attract a few more sponsors.

2. Alpha Tauri

2020 Alpha Tauri compared with 2019 Toro Rosso

Personally, I never really liked the Toro Rosso design. It never stood out to me like I knew it did for other people. The Alpha Tauri update is beautiful. The design is very simple, the Alpha Tauri logos and insignias are all in navy, on a white background. The solo red of the Honda logo stands out so well. The simplicity is so effective that from the outset it was my favourite, until very, very recently. I can’t decide what view is my favourite, because the back end of the car looks insane. But, the front view of the car looks beautiful.


Mercedes-AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) | Twitter

I originally didn’t rate this years Mercedes too highly, however, they decided very helpfully to release a new livery an hour before I started writing this. ALL. BLACK. MERCEDES. I am a huge fan of this design. The Petronas blue stands out amazingly against the black, I love it so much more than their standard silver colour. The thing that I love the most about this design is the message behind it, the halo says it itself, end racism. Black lives matter. Everyone is welcome. We race as one.

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